Diabetes Check-up at Radlabs

Diabetes is a chronic health disorder faced by many individuals now days due to several factors like life style, unhealthy diet, stress, physical in-activeness and so on. In diabetes people face high or low sugar levels in body fluids which can lead to several health problems. Early Diagnosis and Treatment is very important for people with diabetes to avoid complications like cardiovascular diseases, nerve damage, eye problems, foot problems and so on. Early detection also helps to take preventive measures and to control sugar levels in body fluids.

Diabetes Check-up in Hyderabad

Diabetes check-up is the most important part of health care in people with diabetes. This diabetes check-up helps to reveal the condition of the health and sugar levels which helps the individuals in knowing their current situation and to control the diabetes. Diabetic people need continuous monitoring on their sugar levels along with the other factors like weight, foot, eyes and others. General sugar level test can be conducted at home by them, along with this regular other detailed check-ups are also important for people with diabetes. Regular Diabetes Check-up’s are very important for children, elders and conceived women to avoid further complications. These complications can start without any symptoms and can be serious, regular check up’s helps to eliminate these complications. Along with diabetes tests some other tests are also prescribed to check the health condition like eye check-up, BP check-up, cholesterol test, foot test, kidney test, dental exam and electrocardiogram. Before going for diabetes check-up individuals should not eat anything to get the detailed check-up. Once again the diabetes test is done after eating your lunch to know the sugar levels after consuming food.

Diabetes Check-up at Radlabs

Diabetes Check-up Packages at Radlabs

Radlabs Medical diagnostics offer diabetes check-up in India. Diabetes check-up in Radlab’s include different tests like fasting sugar test, post prandial sugar test, CBP, cholesterol test, triglycerides, serum creatinine test, electrolytes, Glycosylated Hb (Hb A1c), SGOT (serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase), SGPT(serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase), lipid profile, complete urine examination (CUE), urine for micro albumin, ECG (electrocardiogram) and X-Ray along with physician consultation. Both fasting sugar test and post prandial glucose helps to determine the type of the diabetes. These tests help in analysing sugar levels before and after taking food. These diabetes screening packages are well designed to meet the needs and expectations of the people. There is increasing number of people going for diabetes check-up in India. These diabetes screening packages and other fasting sugar test and post prandial glucose tests are prescribed by doctors to know the sugar level of diabetic people and to prescribe the treatment.

Avail the offer on Diabetes Check-up at Radlabs

Radlab’s provide Diabetic Health Check-Up Packages in Hyderabad to the individuals at very affordable prices. Diabetes screening packages and other diabetes check-up in Radlab’s including fasting sugar test and post prandial glucose are conducted under the supervision of well qualified professionals. Diabetic health check-up packages in Hyderabad at Radlab’s are set of diabetic tests under one roof where individuals can save time and avoid roaming here and there. Radlab medical diagnostics offer diabetic Health Check-Up Packages in Hyderabad using latest technology advancements. Diabetes check-up in Radlab’s helps individuals to know about their health condition and risks if any.

Affordable Diabetes Check-up Package in Hyderabad

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