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What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound scan or Sonogram is an imaging technique that is used to take live images of organs and structures inside the body. Ultrasound Scans utilizes high frequency sound waves instead of X-Rays and radiation to capture images. With the help of these sound waves it will spot the abnormalities if any in different organs of the body like kidney, liver, joints, muscle, bladder, uterus, ovaries, pancreas, testicles, thyroid and heart. When a person has pain, swelling and other symptoms, then medical professionals prefer Ultrasound to view different organs and to detect the cause of pain or swelling. With the help of Ultrasound we can see the shape, size and structure of the organ. When Ultrasound used for imaging heart it is called as echocardiogram.

What does an Ultrasound scan involve?

As Ultrasound is a safe, painless and non invasive procedure i.e. it does not involve any introduction of instruments inside the body. During the process the persons are asked to lie on the couch, a probe (like a blunt pen) is placed on their skin or organ to be tested. Then the professional applies some lubricating jelly on the selected area to let the probe capture the sounds more distinctly. The probe used is connected to the ultra sound machine and then to monitor. The probe detects the sounds, send it to Ultrasound and then to the monitor.

Ultra Sound Scan

An Ultrasound scan is faster than other Radiographic Scanning Techniques and it does not involve any exposure to radiation. For some pelvic and rectum examinations invasive Ultrasound procedures are used i.e. a special probe or transducer is inserted into person’s vagina to find abnormalities.

What is an Ultrasound test used for?

An Ultrasound scan is used for many different purposes and also to assist doctors in some medical procedures like biopsies. Ultrasound scans are used in several circumstances like

  • An echocardiogram is used to find abnormalities of heart structure.
  • An Ultrasound scan assists gynaecologists in testing conceived women to examine the growth of the unborn child, multiple births, abnormalities if any, due date and baby birth weight.
  • Helps to verify lumps in breast cancer.
  • Ultrasound helps to monitor kidneys to look for stones if any.
  • It helps to study size, shape and structure abnormalities in various internal organs like liver, joints, muscle, bladder, uterus, ovaries, pancreas, testicles, thyroid and appendix.

3D Ultrasound scans are also available now days to get more clear images of foetus and other organs of inside body. It gives detailed images than normal Ultrasound scan. 4D Ultrasound scans helps in providing moving 3D images of the foetus.

3D Ultrasound scan services at Radlabs

Radlabs Medical Diagnostics offer different Ultrasound diagnostic services in Hyderabad for persons and conceived women. Radlabs Medical Diagnostics offer high resolution 3D Ultra sound scan in Hyderabad for accurate and timely results. Radlabs offer Ultrasound diagnostic services using latest technology developments and also pays attention towards comfort and safety of the persons and conceived women. We aim to offer latest technology Ultrasound diagnostic services at very feasible prices. We provide high quality 3D Ultra sound scan in Hyderabad to conceived women and assist them to have wonderful and magnificent first glance of their foetus.

What are the Benefits of an Ultrasound Scan?

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