Digital Mammography

What is Digital Mammography

Digital mammography is an X-Ray or imaging test that uses X-Rays to take detailed images of breast to view inside breast in a computer. In Digital mammography images are viewed on a computer, they can be enlarged, lightened or darkened to look more clearly. In digital mammography the X-Rays are turned into electric signals that can be stored and viewed in a computer. It helps to detect signs of breast cancers in women. It is useful to detect abnormalities in breast before they start showing symptoms.

Mammography is also called as mammogram or mastography. At the time of digital mammography process women are asked to stand steadily in front of the mammography machine. A mammography machine has two flat plates that help to assist in capturing images. Women are asked to place their breast between two plates one at a time. When a breast is placed between two plates it is flattened and compressed a little to get clear images.

Digital Mammography

After compressing the breast the radiologist takes images of your breast from top to bottom and from side to side in order to get detailed images. The same process is repeated for another breast also. Radiologists assist the persons in the process of mammography. Digital Mammography images are very useful and helps to show lumps, cysts or micro calcifications in breast if any more clearly. The entire process of mammography takes 20 minutes to complete the imaging process. During the imaging process women are asked to remove metallic objects or other jewellery which we are wearing.

Benefits of Digital Mammography

A digital mammography is different from a film mammography. In digital mammography a special detector is used to capture and convert X-Ray images into digital images. Digital images are very convenient and useful for both persons and doctors. Advantages of digital mammography include Clear view- images can be manipulated like enlarged or brightened to take a clear view.

  • Less time wastage- digital mammograms are faster as time is not wasted to develop film.
  • Easy to store- as images are stored in a computer, it is easy to store and view.
  • Easily transferable- digital images can be easily transferable from one computer to another and can be saved for future use.
  • Easy for second pinion- as digital images are easily retrieved and transferable, they can be transferred for second opinion.
  • Less radiation- images in digital mammography are detailed, there is no need for retakes and reduces exposure to radiation.

Mammography services at Radlab’s

Radlab Medical Diagnostics offer digital mammography services in KPHB colony to women and helps them to detect signs and symptoms of breast cancers in women if any. With well equipped latest technology 3D mammogram Radlab’s facilitates clear, accurate and timely results to the persons and helps them in early treatment. Radlab’s offer digital mammography services at affordable prices. Radlab Medical Diagnostics aims at safety and security of the women and offers services in private suites for the comfort of women and provides timely reports.

High Resolution Digital Mammography Services

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