Computed tomography (CT) scan is a process that uses X-Rays to capture images from different angles and produce cross-sectional images of inside body. CT scan uses computer-processed combinations to create images. CT scan is useful in detecting different diseases, injuries and abnormalities by using X-Rays. CT scan provides accurate and detailed images of the different areas of the body like lungs, chest, brain, abdomen, pelvis, soft tissues and other various organs of the body. It also helps in diagnosing cancers by giving accurate and clear information about tumors, its size, its location and the area and tissues affected. It is also called CAT (computerized axial tomography).Radlabs MRI Scanning

CT scan gives detailed information than the normal plain X-Rays. CT scan is a fast, painless, noninvasive procedure and involves exposure to radiation. CT scan is used to examine injuries, vascular diseases that lead to stroke and kidney failure. CT scan is also used to analyze pulmonary embolism, skeletal structures and spinal problems. CT scan helps doctors and radiologists to quickly identify injuries of internal organs, to plan and analyze the results of surgery, to measure BMD for detection of osteoporosis.

When CT scans are used?

CT scans are very helpful in finding the abnormalities in the body. CT scan is used to find conditions like damages to bones, internal organ injuries, infections, to scan internal organs like liver, kidneys, lungs, heart and other organs. It helps in treatment for cancers by providing clear information about size, shape and location of the tumors and masses. 3D (three dimensional) CT scans are also available, it gives detailed information internally. 3D CT scans are very useful in knee replacement surgeries; surgery is performed after examining 3D image. CT scan for head helps to examine traumatic injuries, skull fractures and infections in the head. Full body CT scan is used to scan entire body of the patient, it allows a transparent view of the body and improves survival rate by early diagnosis.

High-resolution CT scan services in Hyderabad at Radlabs

Radlabs Medical Diagnostics offer High-Resolution Computed Tomography (HRCT) scan CT Scan services in KPHB Colony to its customers with experienced and trained radiographers. High-Resolution Computed Tomography helps to provide detailed images of the chest and lungs. This process helps to provide information about lungs involved with cysts caused by LAM.

Cardiac CT scan is a test that helps to take detailed pictures of your heart and its vessels. Cardiac CT scan helps doctors to detect coronary heart diseases, problem with heart function and valves, calcium build up in coronary arteries and problem with aorta. The process of Cardiac CT scan takes about 15 to 20 minutes time to complete.

Abdominal CT scan is a scan of your abdomen section to detect abnormalities and signs of inflammation. Abdominal CT scan helps to detect the cause of pain, kidney stones, appendicitis, bowel changes, abdominal injury, intestinal blockage and problem in the pancreas. Brain CT scan is useful to take images of the head like skull and brain. Brain CT scan helps to monitor infection, bleeding, tumor and stroke in the brain.

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