Digital X-Ray Radiology Services

What are X-Rays?

X-Rays are the electromagnetic radiation used to view the internal structures of the body. X-Rays are used to take images of almost all the internal parts of the body like tissues, bones, organs and other body parts. X-Ray process involves exposing part of the body which is affected by the ionizing radiation to capture the images. X-Ray scanning services are commonly used by the physicians to detect abnormalities and to diagnose accordingly.
X-Ray is a noninvasive imaging test i.e. it does not involve any introduction of instruments into the body. X-Rays can easily pass through soft tissues and skin, but they cannot penetrate through bones. Bone X-Ray is very useful to examine fractures, conditions like osteoarthritis and bone cancers. Chest X-Ray is used to evaluate lungs, heart and chest walls. Chest X-Ray is also used in conditions like fever, cough, shortness of breath, chest pain or injury and infections in lungs. X-Ray scanning services are used in emergency diagnosis and treatment as they are fast and easy.Digital X-ray

What is Digital X-Ray?

Digital X-Rays and plain X-Rays are similar in the process, X-Rays use photographic film here the images are printed, whereas in Digital X-Ray radiology digital X-Ray sensors are used in place of regular photographic film. This electronic image is processed by computer and stored digitally which can be viewed immediately on a computer without processing. Digital X-Rays are fast, provides high-resolution images and are preferably less expensive than other imaging techniques. The process of digital X-Ray takes 10 to 15 minutes time and no special preparation is required for the process.
Digital X-Ray radiology imaging is useful in detecting diseases, abnormalities in the skeletal system. Digital images are available quickly and can be shared electrically to radiology specialists and others for the second opinion. Digital X-Ray Radiology uses low radiation when compared to regular X-Rays and can be manipulated using the computer like they can be maximized to view clearly.
Digital X-Ray radiography is very useful for dentists as it gives detail information of tooth, bone and supporting tissues of the mouth. Digital X-Rays has many benefits like the useless radiation, they take clear and accurate images in less time when compared to traditional film X-Rays, they reduce repetition of imaging, they can be easily stored and transferred to other doctors and can also be manipulated to view clearly.

Digital X-Ray radiology services at Radlabs Medical Diagnostics

Digital X-Ray is an advanced development in the branch of X-Ray imaging. Radlabs Medical Diagnostics offer digital X-Ray radiology services to its customers. All procedures are performed under the supervision of experienced and highly qualified experts. With experienced radiologist, we at Radlabs Medical Diagnostic offer different radiology services by focusing on comfort and safety of the persons. We use latest technology digital X-Ray machines to reduce radiation, to eliminate retakes and to produce clear quality images which can be transferred easily. Radlabs Medical Diagnostics offer latest technology radiology services to its customers at economic prices.

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