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Laboratory and diagnostic services

Laboratory testing is very important in detecting, diagnosing and in treatment of many diseases in persons. Information or results achieved from Laboratory Services allow doctors and other professionals to provide an appropriate diagnosis to their people. Laboratory services directly impacts on aspects of people care. A qualified laboratory professional is very important to provide accurate and timely services to the people. Important decisions like diagnosis, treatment, admission, discharge and other person related decisions depend on the results acquired from laboratory services. Laboratory tests are performed by medical technologist and medical laboratory technicians.Laboratory Services

Here is the list of some laboratory or pathological investigations which are very useful for people and also doctors in diagnosis and treatment, they are

  • Clinical bio chemistry
  • Histopathology
  • Immunology
  • Cytology
  • Serology
  • Microbiology

Clinical biochemistry

Clinical biochemistry is the examination of body fluids for diagnosis. Body fluids like serum, urine, ascetic fluids and CSF are analysed to diagnose and treat diseases. It is also known as chemical pathology or clinical chemistry or medical biochemistry. It uses chemical processes to measure the level of chemical components present in our body fluids. The results clinical biochemistry is very helpful for doctors to determine the disease and to give appropriate treatment to the people. Clinical biochemistry tests are performed by qualified chemical pathologists who have detailed understanding about biochemical processes and changes that occur in diseases.


Histopathology is the analysis of tissues collected from body through biopsy to study in detail the appearance of diseased cells and tissues. The tissues collected are observed through microscopic examination to check they are normal or has any cancer cells. A pathologist prepares report based on the observations of removed tissues. This report prepared by a pathologist is also called as biopsy report or pathology report and it helps doctors in diagnosing and treating people.


Immunology test is the analysis of body’s immune system. Immunology test focuses on functions and disorders of the immune system. It also focuses on identifying antibodies and determining organ, tissue and fluid compatibility for transplantation. Immunology also study about how our body fights against infections from bacteria, viruses and weather our immune system is ready to fight diseases like titers, varicella, allergies and infections. The development in immunology leads to the invention of vaccines and cancer medications that are used widely.


Cytology is the analysis of cells for diagnosis of abnormalities and malignancies. Cytology examinations are conducted on body fluids and material which is taken out from the body. Cytology tests are used to study human cells to analyze the risk of cancer and abnormalities.


Serology is the study of serum and other bodily fluids to identify antibodies in the serum. Serology is used to detect and measure the level of antibodies in the serum when exposed to bacteria and virus. Different types of Serological tests are available to diagnose various diseases.


Microbiology is a science concerned with diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of infectious diseases caused due to bacteria, virus and parasites. It also studies clinical application of microbes for health improvement. Our body also requires few microorganisms like good bacteria to improve digestion. There are 4 types of micro biology like pure microbiology, applied microbiology, evolutionary microbiology and environmental and agriculture microbiology.

***Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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