High Resolution Digital Mammography

What is Mammography?

Mammography is an imaging test used to capture detailed images of the breast. Mammography is very useful to detect signs of breast cancer before it actually shows symptoms in women. It uses low dose X-Rays to detect tumors, lumps and masses in the breast. During mammography process, persons are asked to stand in front of the mammography machine and one breast at a time is placed on a flat plate and pressed by a paddle and images are captured by the machine. Breast is pressed to get high-quality images which help to show lumps, cysts or micro calcifications in the breast if any. Mammography is also called as Mastography; there are two types of mammography namely screening

mammography and diagnostic mammography. Screening mammography is used when you have no symptoms. Diagnostic mammography is conducted when symptoms or abnormalities are found in breast in screening mammography. Diagnostic mammography takes longer time than other mammography and uses more specialized views to detect abnormalities. Mammography process is conducted in private suites for a comfort of female persons. Mammography process takes 10 to 15 minute’s time. At the time of mammography, you are asked to remove jewellery or other metallic objects which you are wearing.

mammographyWhat are the advantages of Digital Mammography?

Both film mammography and Digital Mammography uses X-Rays to capture images of the breast. In film mammography after the images are captured they are recorded on a film, but in digital mammography, the images captured are stored in a computer. Because images in digital mammography are stored in a computer they can be lightened or darkened. Certain parts or infected parts can be viewed more clearly and closely by enlarging that part. With the help of digital mammography images can be detailed and viewed clearly.

Digital mammography process is faster than film mammography as there is no need to wait for film to be developed, they are directly stored in the computer. Digital mammography machines are fast in taking images and avoid repeat imaging. Digital images can be easily stored and can easily be retrieved and also images can be transferred from one physician to another. With the help of digital mammography, we get 90% accurate results. Digital images can be easily enlarged for better quality and clear vision. Digital mammography reduces radiation exposure by reducing the retakes or repeat imaging. Images in digital mammography can be easily stored and they can easily send to another physician electronically for the second opinion. Breast cancer is an important serious problem women are facing nowadays; digital mammography helps to detect early cancer signs and treatment. Digital mammography reduces the risk of breast cancer and improves the survival rate through early treatment.

Cost effective digital solutions for breast cancer detection

Radlabs Medical Diagnostics offer digital services for women. We at Radlabs Medical Diagnostics offer digital mammography services which are very useful to women in detecting breast cancer at feasible prices. With well qualified and experienced radiologic technologist we provide digital mammographic services in private suites for the comfort of women people.

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