Ultra Sound Scans and Tests

What is an Ultra Sound Scan?

Ultrasound scan is an imaging procedure used to capture live images of different organs and structures inside the body by using high-frequency sound waves. It is a safe and painless procedure; it is also called as Sonography. It is very useful to give quick information and to detect abnormalities or problems in different organs of the body like kidney, liver, joints, muscle, bladder, uterus, ovaries, pancreas, testicles, thyroid and heart structure like heart valves, chambers and arteries. It helps to discover the shape, size and consistency of different organs and structures inside the body. There are different techniques of ultrasound scans are available depending on the use and part of the body to be scanned or examined. They are

  • External ultrasound scan
  • Internal ultrasound scan
  • Endoscopic ultrasound scan.

Ultrasound scan is faster than other radiographic techniques and gives clear view and images of the inside body. Ultrasound scan is a safe and painless procedure as it uses sound waves and does not involve exposure to radiation like other scans. Ultra sound scan is recommended by doctors if you have pain, swelling and other discomforts which require an internal view of your organs and body.ultrasound

Ultrasound scan for conceived women

An ultrasound scan is a routine test for conceived women, it is very helpful to view the growth and development of a fetus. Ultrasound scan also helps to view potential development problems of the fetus if any. Ultrasound scan is used to identify the number of fetus or multiple births, to predict due to date, to see the baby’s heartbeat, to know the structure, condition and position of the fetus.
Ultrasound scan also determines size and weight of the baby before delivery, detect placenta issues and structural abnormalities if any. Ultra sound scan is very useful for gynecologists to view the growth of the fetus and condition of the mother. With the help of ultra sound scan conceived women can see her baby first time before birth.

Ultrasound scan is used for nearly 40 years and there is no evidence that it is bad or has side effects to the mother or fetus. In the process of ultrasound scan, a gel is put on your tummy and a transducer is rubbed on your belly which emits sound waves and creates images of the fetus. During the first trimester conceived women is asked to drink 5 to 6 glasses of water and to avoid urinating before the process. It is important to have a full bladder to get the clear image of the fetus and internal organs. 3D Ultrasound and 4D ultrasound scans are also available.

Ultra sound scan at Radlabs Medical Diagnostics

Radlabs Medical Diagnostics offer ultra sound scan for people and for conceived women by focusing on comfort and safety of the person. We offer high-resolution 3D Ultra sound scan and Color Doppler services to the person and conceived women in Hyderabad at very economical prices.

***Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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